Hazelnut and nutella torte (gluten-free)

Hazelnut and nutella torte

An elegant dessert to serve when entertaining.

This is a gluten-free hazelnut cake with a nutella ganache. A bit like a dacquoise but the cake is more spongy and less meringue-like because of the shorter baking time.

The cake layers can be made up to one week in advance and stored in an airtight container and the nutella ganache can be made two days in advance and stored covered in the fridge. Assemble on day of serving and leave for a few hours in the fridge before serving. Once assembled the cake will keep for three days in the fridge.

Makes 1 cake|Baking time 10 minutes + 20 minutes| Gluten-free

Utensils required: Electric whisk|Measuring cups & spoons & scale| saucepan| two 20 cm round tins

Hazelnut cake

200 grams hazelnuts
6 large egg whites
1 1/4 cups (275 grams) castor sugar
2 tablespoons cornflour

  1. Preheat oven to 180 C
  2. Roast hazelnuts for 10 mins
  3. Place hot hazelnuts in a dishcloth and rub  vigorously to remove skins, cool and grind to fine meal in a food process or coffee grinder
  4. Grease and line two 20 cms round cake tins
  5. Whisk egg whites until stiff peaks form
  6. Gradually add the sugar, a large spoon at a time, and beat until thick and glossy
  7. Mix ground hazelnuts and cornflour together and gently fold into the egg white mixture
  8. Divide evenly between prepared tins and bake for 20 minutes at 180 C – the cake will have a papery top but is springy when gently pressed
  9. Leave to cool in the tin for 5 minutes before turning out to cool completely – be gentle as this a delicate cake

 Nutella ganache

2/3 cup (150 mls) double cream
75 grams plain chocolate (approximately 54% cocoa solids)
3/4 cup (200 grams – 1/2 the standard size jar) nutella
100 grams unsalted butter – at room temperature

  1. Heat cream over medium heat until it begins to bubble 
  2. Remove from heat and add plain chocolate, mix until smooth
  3. Add nutella and mix until smooth, then leave to cool completely
  4. Once cool beat in butter until fluffy – place in the fridge for an hour to firm up to make it easier to spread on the cake

To assemble

Spread about a third of the ganache on one layer and top with the other layer, then cover the cake with the remaining ganache and sprinkle with 100 grams roasted chopped hazelnuts if desired.

Hazelnut and nutella torte