I love baking and more importantly I love eating home baked goods. I started baking in my early teens with the aim of producing delicious tasting home baked goods that are sometimes for indulgent occasions and at other times focus on healthier treats. With home baking you are aware of all ingredients that go into the final product and can sometimes achieve healthier treats than store bought treats. My strategy is to try out recipes and then either adjust the ones where I feel have potential or keep as is unless it has no potential. For recipes that I feel have potential, I will keep making until it is perfected in my opinion. Sometimes I find recipes have too much sugar/fat or could be adapted to another flavour so I will keep making and adjusting the recipe until it tastes perfect to me. All recipes on my blog must pass through at least a couple of rounds of baking before being posted. The end result is meant to be home baked goodness and also look homemade, I do not aim to make everything look perfect, I actually prefer a homemade look.

This blog would not be possible without the help of my husband who is responsible for all the technical aspects of the website as well as taking lovely photographs, not to mention tasting all the home bakes and providing his opinion.