Caramel and mint ice cream – no churn

Caramel and mint ice cream - no churn

With only three ingredients and no mixing required during freezing, this is such an easy ice cream and great to share with friends. You could add dark chocolate as opposed to mint chocolate or serve with a chocolate sauce for a truly decadent pudding. I think this is definitely a fair contender to dulce de leche gelato.

Store in the freezer and eat within two weeks.

Makes 1 litre | No-churn ice cream

Utensils: Electric whisk | scale & measuring jug | 1 litre sealable container

1 tin caramel condensed milk (397 grams) – refrigerated overnight
450 mls double cream – fridge cold
180 grams mint chocolate chopped into chunks – area mint or peppermint crisp works well

  1. Beat caramel until smooth
  2. Add cream and beat until soft peaks form, starting on a low speed and increase quickly to a high speed
  3. Fold in chocolate chunks then spoon into a container and freeze overnight before serving